1600 Mbps
🖥️ 7 servers
🌍 4 countries

Servers list

Country Hostname (IP) Bandwidth Status
FR fr1.anon.af ( 100 Mbps ✅ Online
FR fr2.anon.af ( 100 Mbps ✅ Online
FR fr3.anon.af ( Tor exit relay 1 Gbps ❌ Offline
PL pl1.anon.af ( 100 Mbps ✅ Online
CA ca1.anon.af ( 100 Mbps ✅ Online
SG sg1.anon.af ( 100 Mbps ❌ Offline
SG sg2.anon.af ( 100 Mbps ❌ Offline

If you are an Anon.AF customer, you automatically have access to all the servers listed above. You can chose a specific node or just go random (default) by using random.anon.af in your configuration file.
All nodes are using the latest OpenVPN software with hardened configuration. We are using OpenVPN's tls-crypt option on 443/tcp to make it look like legitimate SSL/TLS traffic. Read more about it on our Q&A.
NB: Our Tor exit relays are not defaultly set in the random pool, if you want to use them you have to specify the host in the OpenVPN configuration file.