Do you provide a custom VPN software?
No. We rely on OpenVPN, you need to install the OpenVPN client to use our services.

What is the tls-crypt option?
The tls-crypt option has been introduced in the version 2.4 of OpenVPN. It allows to encrypt the control channel and makes it more difficult to identify. Hence: Considering our VPN servers are configured to use the 443/tcp port, it should make the traffic indistinguishable from a legitimate SSL/TLS web traffic. This is a great way to bypass censorship or blocking firewalls.

How are you "Anonymous"?
First of all, for truly anonymous browsing you should use Tor and not some VPN provider (even us). We're anonymous because we don't require you to state your name or even e-mail address for getting a VPN access with us (AFAIK we're the first provider that doesn't require an e-mail address or any account). Plus, you can pay using cryptocurrency known to respect privacy (Monero being accepted by our support staff). If it wasn't for your remote IP address we would have no idea to know who you are. For that matter, we are fine with you using our service through Tor (Tor + VPN) or using Tor after the VPN connection (VPN + Tor), depending on your threat model both can be great. Read more about our Privacy Policy here.

Do you log my traffic?
Of course not. To be more specific, we do not log any traffic, content metadata or IP content. We do, however, collect your IP address upon connection to our service. You can read our privacy policy for an extensive look at what data we collect.
TL;DR: we only collect IP addresses, because we're bound by law to do so (French laws). This data is kept secret and will never be shared except if law enforcement forces us to so (that's why we have a warrant canary). We will never sell your data.

What is a warrant canary?
A warrant canary is an official statement (generally PGP-signed) to inform the users that the service provider has not received any secret requests from government or law enforcement agencies to reveal users data. Such mechanisms were designed to circumvent gag orders. Recipients may be forbidden from disclosing that they received government requests, but they would still be at liberty to stop saying they never had to reveal user data. It's not an infallible scheme but is useful to confirm certain facts periodically.

Can you prove that you're not logging my traffic or that you're not some honeypot?
That's a hard one. Sadly, there is no way we could ever prove that. If we were to publish our source code, how would you know that we're running the same version in production? Even presented with root access to our machines, a rootkit could still prevent you from seeing what is really going on. The traffic could even be tapped further down the line and you would never know. In the end, depending on your threat model and what you know about us, it's up to you to decide if you're willing to trust our services. If you come up with a way that we can demonstrate our credibility, be sure to let us know! We sell bandwidth, not data.
In the meantime, if you're in Paris and want to meet us, we'll gladly arrange something! 😉

Can I use Tor?
Yes, definitely. We are Tor friendly.

How to be sure I'm not leaking my IP address?
It can be really hard to correctly set up a VPN. We strongly advise you to look into software firewall (iptables) and to disable (when you can) JavaScript. Check whether you're leaking data on anon.af/check.

What's your pricing model?
Prices are displayed in Euros (EUR€) then converted in BTC or BCH. We use a daily fee model of 0.20€ with degressive pricing (1-month = 6€, 3-month = 15€ and 1-year = 50€). If you order between 2 and 21 days you'll get an initial fee of 1€ (in addition to the 0.20€/day).
There are no hidden fees, no engagement, pay only what you need - anonymously.

Do you accept other cryptocurrencies?
Yes! If it's not too exotic (Monero and Ethereum are accepted), please get in touch with our support team. Note that because this require some manual work from our end, we won't accept promotional codes.

Can I connect to multiple servers at the same time?
Each purchase entitles you to a single VPN connection. If you try to connect multiple devices with the same certificate simultaneously (even on different servers), all your sessions will be disconnected and your IP address will be blacklisted for a few minutes.

Do you provide IPv6 connectivity?
Short answer: no. Mostly for simplicity's sake, we believe IPv6 traffic could reduce your privacy - that is why all our servers are configured to disable IPv6.

Can you provide an invoice?
Yes, please get in touch with our support team to get an invoice for your order.

Do you have a bug bounty program?
Please let us know if you find any vulnerability or misconfiguration on our servers: contact us (use PGP if needed, key: 0x5FF442210887A650). The reward will depend on the severity of the bug.
Scope: anon.af, *.anon.af.
We're not responsible for issues/bugs on the providers' side.