Anonymous 1-click VPN _

Choose the amount of time you need and get your OpenVPN client configuration in a few minutes! Express Bitcoin payment builtin, get your valid certificate for one user with unlimited access to all of our servers. No registration needed. No bullshit.
1 Month

6€ 0.097 mɃTC

3 Months (-16%)

15€ 0.241 mɃTC

Year (-30%)

50€ 0.805 mɃTC

orà la carte (0.20€/day +1€)

Our core values

  • ✔ No account needed
  • ✔ Zero traffic logs
  • ✔ Tor friendly
  • ✔ Strong encryption (AES-256-GCM)
  • ✔ Hardened OpenVPN configuration
  • ✔ Your VPN ready in minutes!


We don't want to know who you are. We don't care about your e-mail address or credit card information. No question asked: pay with Bitcoin (both BTC and BCH accepted) and get your VPN ready in minutes! For other cryptocurrencies, please ask our support team.

Pay as you go

Get your VPN access on-demand and only pay as you go with degressive pricing. You can get a VPN for only 24 hours, 30 days or even a year, just pay what you need and your account will get credited for the right amount of time.

Also accepting credit cards (via Stripe)